Asterisk LTS 16.6.0

Вышла очередная стабильная LTS версия Asterisk под номером 16.6.0, дата релиза 11 сентября 2019 года, список решенных проблем смотрим ниже:

  • chan_unistim: Clang Warning: variable sized type not at end of a struct
  • chan_pjsip: Transfer() does not result in TRANSFERSTATUS reflecting SIP response to transfer
  • res_pjsip: pjsip show contacts prints double entries
  • AST_SCHED_REPLACE_UNREF causes wait-on-self deadlocks (in chan_sip)
  • Asterisk occasionally passes a NULL as srtp->session to srtp_protect/unprotect causing SEGV
  • Crash when not specifying “dbfile” in res_config_sqlite3.conf
  • Crash performing “core reload” with modified res_config_sqlite3.conf
  • json integer overflow in ssrc and timestamp
  • packet lost on UDPTL wrap around
  • compile menuselect on gentoo
  • pjsip mwi: n+1 sip notify’s sent on re-register
  • cel / cdr: Event times may be incorrect
  • translate: Crash when frame does not have a “src” field set
  • app_voicemail/IMAP: segfault in leave_voicemail because not checking mailstream
  • PJSIP cnonce generated on Linux contains 36 characters, NEC only supports up to 32 characters
  • codec_resample: Bad sound quality when up sampling from SLIN16 to SLIN32
  • chan_dahdi: set CHANNEL(hangupsource) when a PRI channel hangs up
  • ChanIsAvail() creates a CDR if unanswered=yes is set in cdr.conf

Новые возможности

  • Unregister a realtime moh class
  • Channel variable SIPFROMDOMAIN for chan_pjsip to setup From header URI domain


  • res_pjsip_t38: 200 OK with SDP answer with declined stream causes crash

Список всех версий Asterisk с актуализацией по времени поддержки есть на нашем сайте.

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